Staci Taylor was a blogger who considered herself to be a private investigative journalist. She is currently working as a journalist for Caprice Magazine.

In Party At Kendall's she started following your feed, but was first seen in the goal In The Hole. However you don't meet her face to face until after the goal Horseplayed/Shred The Gnar.

Sometimes she appears at the door to events and functions.


Staci Taylor was once paid a lot of money by Rival to follow (Y/N) around and find dirt on (Y/N). Despite working for Rival she's not a friend of Rival. The main character eventually befriends Staci as she helps the main character with gigs from time to time and even asks (Y/N) for help occasionally because (Y/N)'s fame with the local populace.

When one is close enough with Stacy, she is often found to be as fun-loving and investigative in person as she is online, and even a bit sarcastic in messages between herself and the main character.

She's friends with Emily Sun, and once showed her around in New York.

Jason Cabrerra and Staci was feuding, and he threatened to say some harsh things about her in his podcast. To try and protect herself she digged up some dirt about him, but she wasn't sure about using the information...

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