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Kendall and Kylie is a casual game created by Glu Games Inc. for iOS and Android. It can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free and played on iOS 7.0+ and Android 3.0+.

Kendall and Kylie was released in February 2016 and uses the freemium business model. Although the game is free to play, players can use their iTunes or Google Play accounts to make in-game purchases of game currency to buy special items or to make the gameplay easier.

Kendall and Kylie uses Apple, Inc.’s Game Center and Facebook to allow players to add friends to co-star and date.


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version 2.4.0
iOS, Android
October 25, 2016

  • Join Kendall & Kylie in Hong Kong (level 17+)
  • Celebrate Kendall's birthday with a special quest and event (level 7+)
  • More stickers for your selfies and chat
  • More hidden objects to find and tap for energy
  • Bug fixes and other improvements


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