Making contacts in the Kendall and Kylie game is highly recommended. It allows you to text them and invite them to co-star in vlogs and gain co-star points for rewards. This also allows you to find soulmates or just have small dates out with love interests.

You make contacts by talking to people in different locations, usually in bars, restaurants and other social buildings. You can talk to people by tapping the speech bubble next to their head. When you talk to somebody for the first time, you first have the options to either:

  • (Chat.)
  • (Flirt.)

Chatting will automatically add them to your contacts list and make them your co-worker.

If you flirt with somebody, they automatically become a love interest.

People with a lot more followers than you will require KGemk-gems to either chat or flirt with. The amount of KGemk-gems varies from people to people and how many followers they have. To flirt or chat with them can cost from as little as KGem1 to as many as KGem150 or even more. The amount to chat or flirt with a specific person is the same.


Real-Life Friends

Kendall and Kylie also allows real friends to be able to be added to your contacts list. They can be added through Apple's Game Center, Google+ or Facebook. With your friends on your contacts list, you can call them to co-star with you while filming vlogs to gain co-star points. You can also choose to date them.

Logging in to Facebook gives you a reward of: KGem+10 Cash+1000


  • Kendall and Kylie Forums You can find friends here or leave your contact info for others to add you.
  • Feel free to add your Game Center, Google+ or Facebook account in the comments below so people can add you or you can add others.

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